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If you suffer from TMJ jaw pain, ear pain, or other TMJ-related problems, be aware that successful treatment must take into consideration not only the teeth, but also all other parts of what is called the “stomatognathic” system. In addition to the teeth, this includes the position of the jaw relative to the head (because this affects the jaw muscles that run from the skull to the jaw), the positioning of the jaw’s condyles (the ends of the jawbone) within the temporomandibular joints (the jaw joints) themselves, and the muscles on both sides of the head that supply power to the jaw’s closure.

There is much disagreement among dentists as to which approach to treatment is most effective in relieving symptoms. The Aqualizer®’s approach is consistently and highly successful because it allows your own muscles to reestablish the best natural balance for your body. There can be no better solution to your unique symptoms than that.

The Aqualizer® ’s effectiveness is the result of its enclosed fluid’s balancing action. The Aqualizer®, therefore, has a limited use-life, but its fluid is retained long enough to do three things:

1. Relieve your TMJ jaw pain, ear pain, or other TMJ-related symptoms, to make you more comfortable quickly.

2. Determine whether you actually have a TMJ problem or whether your symptoms, which may be mistaken for TMJ symptoms, are actually from a different cause. If they are from a different cause, using TMJ-treating devices would be a mistake. This allows you to make a logical decision about whether or not to continue treatment.

3. If your symptoms resolve quickly, which indicates that you actually have a TMJ problem, treatment can take one of two directions.

A. If your symptoms have lasted only a short time (only a single episode of pain), wearing Aqualizers® for a few weeks should relieve your symptoms. Changing your bite is usually not necessary.

B. If you have had your symptoms for a long time, it may be necessary to correct your bite. The easiest way to do this is by your dentist making you a permanent splint that corrects your bite.

At this point, the true value of the Aqualizer® can be seen. The key to the success or failure of devices in relieving patients’ symptoms is how precisely they reestablish the natural, inherent position of the jaw that your body was formed with. Unfortunately, nature works against the dentist. The jaw muscles adjust to this faulty, unnatural jaw position, hiding the natural jaw position from the dentist. No trace of the original natural position remains. This has been the most serious fundamental drawback of TMJ treatment until development of the Aqualizer®. The Aqualizer® corrects this difficulty when inserted. The Aqualizer®’s fluid neutralizes and eliminates the influence of the distorting tooth contacts that change the jaw’s position. Since the body no longer has to adjust to these distorting tooth contacts, the body’s muscles are able to restore their original strain-free shapes. The dentist then records this natural position to make a splint that maintains this position, thereby preventing symptoms from returning.

The only catch to restoring natural jaw positions with its hydrostatic balancing system is that it can be done only by using the Aqualizer®. The Aqualizer® is the only bite splint that enables the muscles themselves, without any outside intervention, to recapture their original strain-free position and prevent symptoms from returning.

Be aware that the Aqualizer® represents a new scientifically-based approach to treating not only TMJ problems, but also symptoms that can be caused by overworked muscles in the head, neck, and shoulders, including TMJ-related ear pain, jaw pain, and tension headaches. Such problems, called “functional disturbances,” often go unrecognized for years.

Immediate TMJ ear, jaw, and facial pain relief

Treatment using the Aqualizer® is drugless and safe. Symptoms are usually relieved in 10 to 15 minutes following insertion of the Aqualizer®. In this way you can be sure that this treatment can help your symptoms before the corrective dental treatment begins. To date, more than a million Aqualizers® have been used without any undesirable or harmful side effects.

Since the self-adjusting Aqualizer® device represent a new approach to treating TMJ disorders, it has proven difficult to displace the other current approaches to treatment. To date, more than seven thousand health professionals, dentists, physicians, and chiropractors have used the Aqualizer®. Given that this number represents only a tiny fraction of all health professionals, it is likely that your current doctor either hasn’t used the Aqualizer® or hasn’t even heard of it.

We offer this suggestion: if your doctor is interested in this effective, scientifically proven approach, we will be happy to send information, electromyographic evidence of muscle improvement, along with a reprint of a recently published (January 2003) scientific article entitled “A Revised View of the Dynamics, Physiology, and Treatment of Occlusion: A New Paradigm,” which sets forth the scientific basis for this treatment approach.

Since so many drug companies are suggesting that you “ask your doctor,” we feel free to do the same, knowing it can help you.

No one needs to suffer from TMJ head, ear, and jaw pain. For more information on where to get Aqualizer® devices, please contact Dental Depot ( For questions or concerns about how the Aqualizer® can work for you, please feel free to contact us today.

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The Aqualizer® Ultra is a short term diagnostic splint for the relaxation of masticatory muscles, and decompression of the TMJs. Ultra models have a full sized adult arch and can be worn over orthodontic brackets and aligners.
This is our best seller and will fit most adult patients’ mouths. The Ultra comes in three vertical openings (thicknesses): 1mm (low), 2mm, (med), and 3mm (high).
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The Aqualizer® Mini is the smallest model with a shorter arch size and water pads half the size of Ultra and Slim models. It is used for teens and adults with small mouths.
The Mini comes in three vertical openings (thicknesses): .75mm (low), 1.5mm, (med), and 2mm (high).
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