The revolutionary self adjusting oral splint

Chronic Neck, Shoulder, & Migraine Pain Relief

Relieve TMD Pain & Improve Your Quality Of Life

Features & Benefits

  • Immediately optimizes biomechanics
  • Supports the jaw in a comfortable position
  • Removes the teeth from dominance, placing bite and body in harmony
  • Straightens the bite to maximize other structures – Aqualizer® is the bridge
  • Normalizes the bite and provides TMJ pain relief at will – without drugs
  • Removes the imbalance trigger for patients who have existing malocclusion

Bite and Body

In Harmony

TMJ Pain Relief and Treatment with

Aqualizer® Dental Splints

The Aqualizer® is not a replacement for proper dental treatment, or permanent splints. It is a short term temporary diagnostic splint.

The Aqualizer® is not indicated for heavy bruxers or clenchers.

TMJ/TMD sufferers use Aqualizer® brand temporary splints for pain relief, functional improvement, and as an aide to diagnosing how much the dental bite is the cause of their problems.

It is a temporary device, and to the extent that it helps, permanent dental treatment is indicated. Dentists need to use an Aqualizer® splint to guide treatment, or there is no guarantee of the treatment matching the Aqualizer®’s effectiveness.

The Aqualizer® should be worn twice as long as it takes for pain relief, and then removed until symptoms begin reappearing. Repeat as necessary. Do not exceed eight hours of wear per twenty-four hours. Remove the Aqualizer® and discontinue use if irritation or other problems develop. Aqualizer® use life is between a few days and sometimes out to a week or so depending on the user’s bruxing clenching habits.

The Aqualizer’s® revolutionary fluid system creates perfect bite balance and stability through a minimally invasive approach to TMJ treatment. It works by allowing the muscles themselves to automatically reposition the jaw to where it naturally works best. For TMJ pain relief, restoring this balance is essential.

Unlike other available dental splints, the Aqualizer® self-adjusting oral splint is a TMJ treatment which allows the body to unravel bite distortions and establish optimal systemic function and balance. The Aqualizer® takes the uncertainty out of TMJ diagnosis and treatment. While other dental splints and TMJ treatment options can distort the jaw, causing TMJ pain, the Aqualizer® facilitates relief through ideal occlusion automatically and naturally.

What makes the Aqualizer® dental splints a different kind of TMJ treatment?

The answer is simple physics. The Aqualizer® is a new application of a basic physical law of nature called Pascal’s Law, which states that that an enclosed fluid will apply equalized fluid pressure regardless of where pressure is applied to the fluid. In other words, biting down on the Aqualizer® causes the fluid to distribute bite forces evenly across the bite, reducing TMJ pressure and pain and ensuring relief. Aqualizer® dental splints impose no preset changes. By contrast, they enable the body to naturally balance itself, resulting in TMJ pain relief and improved function.

The Aqualizer® Ultra is a new improved version of the Aqualizer® designed to be more comfortable to the gums than previous models.
This is our best seller and will fit most adult patients’ mouths. The Ultra comes in three vertical openings (thicknesses): 2mm (low), 3-4mm, (med), and 5-6mm (high).
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The Aqualizer® Mini is the new improved ultra shape with smaller pads and arch size. It is used for teens and adults with small mouths.
The Mini comes in three vertical openings (thicknesses): 1mm (low), 2mm, (med), and 3mm (high).
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