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The Aqualizer® is a bite splint that is different from any other. Its revolutionary water system provides TMJ disorder relief that is far more advanced than any other TMJ treatment currently available. We offer two options for TMJ pain relief: Aqualizer® Mini and Aqualizer® Ultra.

If you would like to learn more about the Aqualizer® and the ways our TMJ treatment can help you or your patients, please let us know. For more information about the specific benefits it offers to dentists, chiropractors, and patients, please browse our site or fill out the provided form. We will get back to you soon.

Ordering Information:

If you are a HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL, please contact us directly at 1-800-HELP-TMD (1-800-435-7863) or (206-279-7080).
For INDIVIDUAL CONSUMERS please contact the Dental Depot (

The Aqualizer® is not available over the counter.

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Thank you for contacting Aqualizer® about our advanced TMJ pain relief treatment. Our staff will be in touch with you soon.

The Aqualizer® Ultra is a new improved version of the Aqualizer® designed to be more comfortable to the gums than previous models.
This is our best seller and will fit most adult patients’ mouths. The Ultra comes in three vertical openings (thicknesses): 2mm (low), 3-4mm, (med), and 5-6mm (high).
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The Aqualizer® Mini is the new improved ultra shape with smaller pads and arch size. It is used for teens and adults with small mouths.
The Mini comes in three vertical openings (thicknesses): 1mm (low), 2mm, (med), and 3mm (high).
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