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TMD Treatment and Dental Equilibration with the Aqualizer®

The Aqualizer® is not just another splint. It is a new wave in TMD treatment that allows you to treat your patient’s pain quickly and accurately, saving valuable treatment time and increasing patient comfort.

The Aqualizer® is unique. Its revolutionary floating action enables the body to find and restore its own systemic function and balance to achieve dental equilibrium. The Aqualizer®’s built-in fluid system automatically eliminates the occlusal imbalances that trigger the patient’s symptoms. This fluid system works by freeing up the patient’s muscles so they can reposition the jaw to its most comfortable position, which takes the uncertainty out of reestablishing the correct bite. This is a tremendous advance.

Diagnosis no longer wastes valuable chair time. Simply remove the Aqualizer® from its package and insert it into the mouth. The Aqualizer®’s perfect occlusal balance starts TMD treatment instantly! No impressions, lab work, or time consuming dental equilibration adjustments needed! It is truly an instant splint.

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Why the Aqualizer® achieves dental equilibration so quickly and easily

The Aqualizer®’s revolutionary floating action is the key to its remarkable effectiveness. It unlocks the muscles and allows them to “unravel,” relieving muscle strain immediately. The muscles themselves correct strain-producing occlusal and mandibular malrelationship – accurately, naturally, and in all three planes of space. Pain then fades away very quickly – patients feel better in just a few minutes! It’s a giant leap forward in TMD treatment!

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TMD diagnosis and treatment begins instantly without discluding or disabling the muscles:

First, use the Aqualizer® to preview the symptom improvement that an optimally balanced occlusion can provide. If the Aqualizer® relieves pain, choose the occlusal treatment plan (splint, dental equilibration, or orthodontics) most appropriate for the patient’s needs and desires. You can equilibrate the effective occlusion, (letting the Aqualizer® guide you), or make a rigid splint whose occlusion is correlated with the muscles by the Aqualizer®.

By contrast, lack of symptom improvement within a maximum of 48 hours indicates that symptoms are organic in nature, rather than functional, which makes occlusal treatment inadvisable. Further diagnostic procedures should be pursued. This differential diagnostic action of the Aqualizer® is extremely valuable.

In addition, the Aqualizer® can be worn as a temporary pain control splint to control symptoms as needed, such as at night or during daytime periods of stress and pain. To provide the most comfortable and effective TMD treatment, we offer the Aqualizer® in three sizes and three models. Replace Aqualizers® as needed after they lose their fluid. The Aqualizer® is not to be worn for more than eight hours per 24-hour period.

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Emergency, temporary splint

Ready for immediate use, the Aqualizer® is inserted into the mouth directly from the package. The fluid pads make the Aqualizer® self-adjusting. The patient’s body heat molds the Aqualizer® to the mouth’s shape in minutes. Save time and money while your patients benefit immediately. There are no time-consuming impressions or lab work involved.

Bite Registration Made Easy

  • Step 1: – Insert an Aqualizer® into the mouth allowing the muscles to bring the mandible to its natural, most comfortable 3-D position, (great in combination with T.E.N.S. and jaw tracking). Next choose the final OVD. Aqualizers® are available in 2mm, 4mm, and 6mm OVDs. Add base plate wax under pads for small increases of less than 2mm, if there is no spasm in the muscles, step two can be performed 10 minutes after insertion.
  • Step 2: – Instruct the patient to bite down naturally with the Aqualizer® still in place, while injecting silicone from cuspid to cuspid.
  • Step 3: – Remove the Aqualizer® with the anterior bite still in place. Inject registration material between the occlusal surfaces of the left and right posterior teeth. Instruct the patient to close carefully into the previously established anterior bite. Allow the silicone to set.
  • Step 4: – Remove the one-piece full arch bite registration from the mouth.
  • Step 5: – Assemble the patient’s dental casts accurately into the bite registration. Send this assembly to your lab, or mount the combined casts/registration assembly on your articulator.
  • Step 6: – Remove the silicone bite registration. The Aqualizer® allows you to preview, then accurately reproduce for restoration, the most functional cranio-mandibular occlusal relationships.

An entirely new physiologic principle shows you exactly where to equilibrate the occlusion

As the Aqualizer®’s fluid and occlusal vertical dimension diminishes with wear, it automatically shows you exactly where to equilibrate. Occlusal indicator wax or thick articulating paper marks premature displacing contacts accurately. Your practice may choose to use the Tekscan T-Scan® or other occlusal analysis systems as well. The Aqualizer® guides dental equilibration step-by-step.

The Aqualizer® is disposable. After it has lost its fluid and you’ve eliminated the interferences the worn Aqualizer® has shown you, simply discard it. In some cases you may want to give the patient a second Aqualizer® to find and eliminate the smallest interferences that may be hidden beneath those you’ve already removed. Balancing the bite becomes crystal clear for the first time!

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What the Aqualizer® can accomplish

  • It delivers fast muscle pain relief. The patient’s muscles start relaxing immediately when you insert the Aqualizer®. Muscle pain starts fading away automatically, within minutes!
  • Begin TMD treatment instantly without first having to evaluate the occlusion. Muscle spasm and mandibular displacement often interfere with your initial evaluation of the occlusion – the Aqualizer® permits the underlying occlusal pattern to emerge without interference, making treatment easier and more effective.
  • Screen out patients who do not have TMJ disorders, before you proceed with TMD treatment. The Aqualizer® can help you predict success or failure before starting occlusal treatment, increasing your success rate and avoiding the headaches of imprecise diagnoses.
  • It guides your treatment physiologically. The patient’s muscles themselves show you where occlusal corrections should be made. The Aqualizer® points out the muscle-interfering contact, regardless of where you’re correcting the natural dentition or balancing a rigid splint. The simple week-by-week correction sequence brings you to perfect muscle occlusion balance immediately.
  • It takes you directly to the optimal occlusion for rigid splints, natural teeth, full and partial dentures, bridgework, and rehabilitation.
  • It helps establish your differential diagnosis. Screens for PDS and other functional disturbances of the entire head, neck, and, upper back areas.

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What the Aqualizer® TMD treatment can do for your practice

  • Build your practice and profitability
  • Increase both patient compliance and satisfaction
  • Save time – TMD treatment should not have to wait for impressions or lab work
  • Perfect occlusal balance instantly, automatically, and reproducibly
  • Predict your successes and avoid failures
  • Obtain dental equilibration on the first try

Great patient satisfaction helps build your TMD practice and profitability – one package can increase your profit by thousands of dollars! If you would like to learn more about the Aqualizer®, please contact us today. The Aqualizer® is unconditionally guaranteed.

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The Aqualizer® Ultra is a short term diagnostic splint for the relaxation of masticatory muscles, and decompression of the TMJs. Ultra models have a full sized adult arch and can be worn over orthodontic brackets and aligners.
This is our best seller and will fit most adult patients’ mouths. The Ultra comes in three vertical openings (thicknesses): 1mm (low), 2mm, (med), and 3mm (high).
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The Aqualizer® Mini is the smallest model with a shorter arch size and water pads half the size of Ultra and Slim models. It is used for teens and adults with small mouths.
The Mini comes in three vertical openings (thicknesses): .75mm (low), 1.5mm, (med), and 2mm (high).
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